Amidala Cafe has been trending on facebook since the cafe was just newly discovered by the netizens. Some of them wanted to visit the cafe however, they don’t know where the cafe is located. So, since I visited Amidala Cafe already, I’m gonna share to you on how to get to Amidala Cafe. As seen on the Map, From Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital, you could walk from Bo’s Coffee which is across CDUH walk to Don Jose Avila St, until you reach the end point, and that will be the Sacred Heart School-Hijas. Beside the school is a building and Amidala Cafe is located at the Ground floor. You could see Amidala Cafe or you could ask the Security Guard of the building.



You could choose from these Best Sellers which is offered by the cafe:

  • Wookies Milkshake
  • Force Choke Milkshake
  • Choco Caramelia Milkshake
  • Mrs. Deathstar Freakshake
  • Millenium Muffin Freakshake

All of them tastes soooooooooo good!!! We enjoyed the drinks!! Amidala Cafe never failed our expectations!!! Actually, all of the Milkshakes and Freakshakes has unique taste and flavors that will make your sad tummy 😦  HAPPY!!! 🙂 Plus their drinks are not costly, I’m sure you can afford it! 😉



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  1. busyandfab says:

    This is a perfect place to hang out the next time i visit Cebu. Thanks for the tip and nice to see your blog.


    1. Yes yessss!!! And Thank you so much for dropping by!!♥♥♥


  2. Pretty cool! As Star Wars fans, we would love visiting here. 🙂


    1. Yes you should visit their Cafe. It’s very affordable but the space is too tight 😦 You can visit them on weekdays instead to avoid the crowd 🙂

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