If you are living at the Northern part of Cebu or in the City and you are looking for a place to unwind near you, then Coco Palms Beach Resort would be the best option. The place is too Cozyyyy you can even have your photo shoot here or your debut! They have a huge space for different kinds of parties 🙂 Their building as seen below on this photo, this has a unique design that people post a lot of photos of this building on instagram! 🙂




I was very curious with this place since I heard a lot of rumors that this resort is costly and has corkage when it comes to bringing food. *When curiosity strikes* My boyfriend and I visited this place, last summer to spend time together. For weekdays, the entrance costs 200Php and 250Php on weekends. Cottage is worth 350Php on weekdays and 500 on weekends. As what you can see on the price list (that would be below this post), it is costly on weekends because they got a lot of guests every weekend. They have 2 swimming pools (The other pool has Slide and the other one is an infinity pool) They offer Kayaking and they also have water activities. They have Bar where you can just buy drinks and sip while looking at the stunning view. We went there on a weekday and it was worth it and we got to spend together last summer.






If you are interested to visit Coco Palms, here are the Rates 🙂



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