I haven’t posted a “Food blog post” in awhile so I decided to post my personal experience with Sulbing Dessert Cafe which is located at Gaisano Country Mall beside Cafe Talk. If you’re not familiar with it, below is a screenshot of the location from Google Map. 🙂


Sulbing is a Korean dessert which means “Snow Ice” in Korean. This caught our attention when the “Fake dessert bowl” is displayed at the front of this Cafe. When one of my food buddies wanted to eat here, we immediately agreed on it. We don’t have any idea how it tastes- If tastes good, or nah or okay or not good or very good. We won’t have an idea how it tastes if we won’t try right? When we went in the cafe since it was weekday there we’re no customers at that time. It was just the 4 of us. When we went in, we were welcomed by the guard and the cashier which is a plus points in a Cafe or a Store! Who doesn’t love accommodating staffs? ❤ The cashier then explained what Sulbing means and what this dessert is all about. She also recommends Injeolmi  for first timers. I can’t describe how it tastes because we ordered a different one which was Mango Cheese Sulbing worth 250 and Bluberry Sulbing worth 400. What’s best is, each serve can cater 2 persons. 🙂 So, you can just divide the price into 2 to save 🙂








This delicious dessert in a bowl made our day! Eating this dessert is so sulit!!! Sulbing is an Ice shave dessert and the outer covering of each bowl depends on the flavor you choose. The topping would be an Ice cream 😀 Blueberry and Mango Cheese are both delicious! 😛 The place is also instagrammable. Like the first photos and the Cafe has a free wifi as well. So what more can you ask? A delicious dessert + An Instagrammable place + Free wifi (So you can post your photos on Facebook and Instagram right away) + Friendly crews it’s all right here in Sulbings Dessert Cafe! ❤







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